Principal Designer (CDM 2015)

The introduction of CDM 2015 is intended to slim down the regulations and will require all projects to comply with CDM 2015.

The introduction of a Principal Designer is intended to provide the project with a person or organisation to monitor the pre-construction phase of a project. The duties of the old CDM Coordinator will be the responsibility of the Principal Designer. These duties can be complied with using the assistance of a third party. At Head Projects Group we will be using the title of (Design & Construction) Health & Safety Manager. We can perform our previous services and in addition provide a greater input to the construction stage of a project. 

We have the necessary training, knowledge, experience and resources required to ensure successful service delivery to all of our clients regardless of size and complexity, for construction projects nationwide. 
As part of the design process, designers are required to eliminate - “design out”, or minimise hazards by modifying aspects of the design, and to provide information about any significant, unavoidable, residual hazards so that these can be managed safely during construction, occupation, maintenance, cleaning and eventual demolition.

This process involves a pro-active contribution by Head Projects Group; our presence at meetings and by face to face dialogue, making health and safety issues come alive through previous practical design experience, actual examples from other projects, published guidance, accident investigation and analysis, case law and precedent.

We develop strategies with design teams for maintaining the flow of relevant health and safety related information throughout the project so that what is needed reaches the right people at the right time. We believe that the health and safety file information should be incorporated into the operating and maintenance manual to form the “Building Manual”, a lasting, integrated single source of reference over the life of the completed scheme.