Building Control

We offer 5 simple stages to create a building that meets design standards, is within budget, on time and complies with relevant design codes. Pre-tender, Design Phase, Plan Approval, Site Inspections, Final Certificate.

Early advice: When it is really needed, comprehensive and sensible appraisal of the building regulations.
Head Projects Group offers free tailored technical workshops to discuss basic conceptual design strategies. Meet with the design team offer guidance for compliance with value engineered solutions. We consult the relevant statutory bodies to reduce risk and agree the scheme philosophy.

Management of Fire Officer: Timely consultations, early resolution, ensure Fire Officer requirements are relevant.

Liaison with other parties: Water authority, Crown Estates (CPIG), Local acts and Warranty Providers.
Approval process England and Wales:

For flexibility on each project we can accept either electronic or hard copies.
Provide tracking schedules to compliment plan check information required to ensure approval.
Calculations and specifications will be verified and signoff for RIBA stages as required.
At the appropriate stage (all compliant) we will issue a plans approval or plans certificate.
Once you give permission/appointed we serve the Initial Notice

Site Delivery:
Deploying Director led teams of experienced and qualified staff, appropriate to the project.
We promise to visit site regularly and agree a schedule of site inspections with contractors.

Final Certificate:
A Final Certificate will be issued to validate that the finished project complies with
the Building Regulations.